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Learn about the different ways we serve the NE Ohio community.

Kids Program

Learn all about the fun events we have for kids throughout the year

Family Program

Learn more about how we focus on the family as a unit and the resources we have and an connect you with in the community

Kinship Care

We understand how hard it is to parent especially as grandparents. Learn more about our meetings and assitance programs below.

Kids & Family Programs

Whether it is the family as a unit, the kids, or kinship care providers, we have programs and assitance for everyone.

We understnad there is no “one way” when assisting families dealing with the affects of addiction in the home. Our programs are divided into 3 main parts: Kids, Families as a Unit, & Kinship Care Providers. Through our programs we look to educate, assist, provide resources (or connections to resources), and also provide days of fun, love and connection for kids and families. Learn more below.

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Keys Kids Program

The Keys Kids program provides much
needed days of love & connection for
children who have been impacted by
addiction in Summit County.

Main Events

‘Keys Kid Event’ – This is an annual 4 hour
kids festival in August of each year. At this
event we have: face painting, bouncy houses,
games/prizes, animal shows, a firetruck, food,
D) & MORE!

‘Keys Fishing Derby’ – This is our annual
afternoon event for kids. Every child gets a
day of fishing, and goes home with a new rod and reel to continue their love for fishing,

‘Keys Christmas Event’ – This event provideskids with stocking stuffers, and gifts cards, as well as a day of fun with crafts, games, and ice skating.

Other Events

Movie Screenings, Jump Parks, Back to School, Supply Drives, and Food Drives

Keys Family Program

Our Family Program focuses on the family
as a unit. Providing events & programs to
address the impact on the family as a whole.

We look to not onlv assist the families
impacted but the individuals that may be
on their recovery journey.

We offer connections to resources such as:
license reinstatements, clinics, job fairs, &
credit repair clinics. Professionals in each of
these fields are brought in to help guide the
individuals through these processes.

Working closely with other local
addiction focused non profits we provide
programs and meetings to help guide and
support families impacted by addiction in
their community & homes.

More info coming soon.

Kinship Care Program

In Summit county around 90% of Kinship
Care providers are doing so because of the
impacts of addiction in the home. Either due
to loss of life or inability of a parent to care
for their child.

As caregivers ourselves we have found it is
sometimes a struggle to parent again, and
often times deal with our family members in
active addiction. Navigating the court system
and Children’s Services is a challenge. Help
ing the child feel loved and normal is a
challenge. Dealing with health care and
school issues can be tough.

By coming together we hope that all of us
can be resources for each other. To make us
stronger and better for the children’s sake
but also for the sake of our sanity and well

We provide Kinship Care meetings the and
Mondav of every month 6pm – 7pm at our


More info coming soon.