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Our mission

We seek to provide much needed assistance to children and families affected by substance abuse. We realize the need for more resources for families in NE Ohio and around the country. We seek to close that gap and be the connection between these resources and families in need.

What drives us?

Inspired by the memory of Sheena Moore

Keys to Serenity was founded in memory of Sheena Moore. Sheena was lost due to overdose in 2016. Through tragedy Brenda founded ‘Keys to Serenity’. She realized through her own experience the lack of services and resources in general there are for families dealing with a loss due to substance abuse. Since founding Keys to Serenity Brenda has worked year in and year out to ensure no family going through these unimaginable tragedy ever feels like they are alone or helpless. As she says ‘Sheen would not want us to cry but fight instead”. This is her way of fighting. Through kids programs and family services as well as lobbying for laws and regulations related to the opioid epidemic. Keys to Serenity works closely with The Packard Institute, Akron Say No to Dope, & Ohio Can Summit County to create a network of programs and resources to assist families through all stages of addiction.

More About Sheena

Sheena was a daughter, sister, & mother. She loved being a mom to her Son Wyatt, the beautiful boy she left behind.Sheena worked hard as a STNA. She gave her clients excellent care and the upmost respect while caring for them. Sheena was also a skilled fisherman and had been a Master Angler for FIVE years!

Sheena was very open about her struggle with addiction and did her best to educate others on social media about how addiction felt through the eyes of an addict. After many years of sobriety Sheena unfortunately succumb to her addiction and passed away in June of 2016.Sheena would have insisted on continuing her passion for educating and helping families struggling with addiction. She would have wanted people to know that this is a lifelong disease and how relapse is common. Sheen hated her addiction and believed that she would never turn back to that tough path she walked before. She always said Heroin was like a monkey on her back, always calling her name, especially when life got tough.

Through this foundation we wish to carry on Sheenas mission to educate and assist others struggling with the same battle. Sheena would not want us to cry but to fight. Fight for a brighter, safe, and more healthy tomorrow.


Helping families affected by substance abuse since 2016.

Our Vision

“Through our programs, services, and our state wide network of partners we wish to ensure no family or child affected by substance abuse feels alone. Whether it be navigating the judicial system or coordinating memorial arrangements, we are here for you.”

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